Global Market Access – International Approvals

Global Market Access – International Approvals

Everyone needs to sell to survive; increasingly on a global basis and with tougher time and budget constraints. Managing the technical barriers to trade through determining what standards and country requirements apply to a given product, is an arduous task. Achieving on-time compliance in today’s complex, competitive and changing environment entails expert knowledge of the differing in-country compliance requirements for electrical equipment, as well as the in-depth knowledge of the legislation which can change for certain products on a daily basis. To maintain competitive advantage, equipment suppliers cannot risk being late to market because of approvals bottlenecks.

What is International Approvals Management?

International Approvals Management is a service whereby the equipment supplier outsources some or all of the homologation process to a dedicated approvals management company. The service outsourced can be as simple a process as performing market research to understand your market entry requirements or as complex as outsourcing the whole process; the development of a rationalized test plan for all your target markets, carrying out the testing and certification as well as the regulatory agency liaison to facilitate approval.

Services typically include:

  • Advice on your target markets with clear guidance on regulatory market entry requirements for each and recommendations for compliance.
  • Development of rationalized test plan to take into account all your target markets; both those you wish to access immediately and those possible in the future. This approach avoids cost and time delays associated with re-testing
  • Provision of a highly skilled team of compliance engineers to your organization on a contract basis to provide guidance and walk your product through the entire compliance process
  • Provision of general compliance related advice, including the applicability of standards and product classification
  • Design review at the front end of the process to assure a compliant design prior to product revisions or commencing production
  • Support of laboratory testing at your chosen test laboratory
  • Collation of test data and creation of technical files to assure compliance within your target markets
  • In-country regulatory agency liaison to ensure your product(s) is(are) accepted in your target destination(s)
  • Follow up to assure that all aspects of compliance and supporting documentation are in place to support product shipments

Key benefits:

  • Access the most up-to-date market entry requirements from a dedicated compliance management resource
  • Help guarantee an on-time or early product release date
  • Reduce approval costs through centralizing your whole approvals process

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Region (link) Country (link) Certification
Oceania Australia RCM, Australia grid connection, MEPS, SAI
Middle East Asia Middle East Asia GCC
Central & South America Mexico Mexico consumption label
North America United States FCC, MET NRTL, DOE, EISA 2007, CEC, Energy Star, BV NRTL
Europe – EU Germany



REACH, SVHCs, RoHS, WEEE, CE, EU grid connection, CoC

Southeast Asia Singapore IMDA, IDA
Northeast Asia Taiwan




NCC, BSMI, Energy Label


KC, Korea PV Certification, e-Standby, MEPS

CCC, SRMC, Golden Sun

Global Global NFC, Qi, THREAD, ZigBee, 3GPP, Bluetooth, LoRa, SigFox, IP Code, CB, UN transportation, Mechanical & environmental, Wi-Fi Alliance, Vodafone OTA, Wi-Fi CWG-RF, CTIA A-GPS OTA, CTIA/GCF OTA, GCF, PTCRB

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