Environmental Simulation – Testing to Destruction to Aim at Perfection

Environmental Simulation Р Testing to Destruction to Aim at Perfection

Products failing to perform reliably in their intended working environment gain a high profile from time to time with media reports frequently highlighting products which are unreliable in the field. Everyone experiences products that do not have the durability expected of them, generating a resolve not to make the same purchasing mistake twice. Brand reputations are won or lost through environmental performance and performance costs. Manufacturers and retailers are now offering three- or five-year warranties, and there is a growing customer demand for 25 years of fault-free service in applications where access for maintenance and repair is difficult.

What is Environmental Simulation Testing?

To remain competitive, as a manufacturer or as a retailer/importer sourcing private label products, you will be looking to extend your warranty terms and to ensure your products will function effectively over their expected life. The cost of an environmental simulation test necessary to support an extended warranty can be set against the cost of failures in the field and loss of reputation. And if you design in environmental requirements right at the product design stage, you stand a greater chance of a better product, faster to market, with much lower costs of design corrections.

Curtis-Straus Environmental Simulation capabilities include:

  • Extremely high and low temperatures
  • Large, swift variations in temperature
  • Blowing and settling sand and dust
  • Salt spray and salt fog
  • Very high or low humidity
  • Wet environments
  • Fungus
  • Vibrations (airborne and structural)
  • Accelerations
  • Solar radiation
  • High and low pressures (especially for aeronautical and space equipment)

Key benefits:

  • Demonstrate by way of an independent product safety testing report to your clients and authorities that your product is compliant with environmental requirements
  • Reduce field failures
  • Ensure the packaging you use is fit for purpose and your product will arrive in functional condition
  • Environmental consultants can advise on designing environmental considerations into your future products
  • Save on investing heavily in environmental test equipment, calibration, accreditations and staffing by outsourcing to a global leader in compliance solutions

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