Bluetooth Device Testing Services: Qualification, Conformance, Regulatory & Performance

Bluetooth Device Testing Services: Qualification, Conformance, Regulatory & Performance

Bluetooth, an IEEE 802.15 based short range technology, is increasingly used in smartworld devices such as smartphones, laptops, audio/video devices and wearables. Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) founded in 1998, oversees development of the specification, manages the qualification program, and protects the trademarks.

In order to sell Bluetooth products in the global market, you not only need to comply with the regulatory requirements such as FCC (Federal Communications Committee), European Commission (R&TTE) and IC (Industry Canada), there is also a need for Bluetooth Compliance and Certification.

This Bluetooth Compatibility Certification aims to deliver a seamless user experience through the vast number of Bluetooth mobile devices that are available in the market.

Our Solution

Curtis-Straus has been partnering with Bluetooth product manufacturers, integrators and brands in meeting the requirements of today’s challenging marketplace for decades. With labs and offices worldwide, our in-depth technical knowledge allows us to conduct testing in accordance with international, industry and regulatory standards where you need it most.

Bluetooth Qualification: Qualification of products against the ever changing Bluetooth requirements addressing:

  1. RF Testing – Basic Rate(v1.0), Enhance Data Rate(v2.0/2.1), High Speed (v3.0)
  2. RF-PHY Testing – Bluetooth Low Energy (v4.0/4.1/4.2/5)
  3. Profile Testing – Traditional and GATT-based Profile (2.0/2.1/3.0/4.0/4.1/4.2/5)
  4. Bluetooth Protocol Testing

Conformance:  Conformance testing for a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices covering personal, local and wide area network technologies, including:

  • Personal Area Network (PAN): NFC, Zigbee
  • Local Area Network (LAN): WiFi
  • Wide Area Network (WAN): 3G/LTE and GPS

Regulatory: Demonstrate conformance against the legal requirements around the world such as chemical; health & safety, eg, SAR; and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) under regulations such as:

  • Americas: FCC (Federal Communications Committee) and IC (Industry Canada)
  • Europe: (EMC, Low Voltage, R&TTE Directives)
  • Asia: China (CCC), …


Quality: Improve product performance and minimize returns / failures by benchmarking the performance of how products compare against user expectations and competitors’ products.

Interoperability: Comparing the product behavior of a device-under-test against a qualified infrastructure or equipment to test the operation/performance in a real-life network.

Reliability: Demonstrate the reliability of your product and assess against real life conditions of the product under transportation and in its intended environment. We assess against criteria including vibration, temperature, pressure, humidity, dust and water.

Environmental: Measure the energy or water used by a product. In addition, we can compare life cycle assessment of a product versus previous models or a competitors’ product.

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