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1. Recall case: United States
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) – Recalls and Product Safety News

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC): December 2018

2. Recall case: Canada
  Health Canada – Consumer Product Recalls

Health Canada: December 2018

3. CB Review: ENERGY STAR Imaging Equipment V3 Data Requirements for XML-based QPX System
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would like to inform you that the draft data requirements for the XML-based web service for submitting data on models for Imaging Equipment Version 3.0 are now available for review. The final draft Imaging Equipment Version 3.0 Cover Memo and Specification are available on the ENERGY STAR Imaging Equipment Product Development webpage.

The draft data requirements include: each criterion, the description of what should be reported, whether the item is required or optional, the data type, the restrictions on the data entry, and any enumerations. EPA cautions certification bodies (CBs) against building or mapping product categories during this review period as criteria or other items are subject to change based on CB suggestions.

Technical documentation regarding the XML submission system including information on the authentication, submission, validation, and testing process, as well as the Web-Service Definition Language (WSDL) documentation is available on the XML Web Services Submission Process page at

4. ENERGY STAR Imaging Equipment Version 3.0 Final Draft Specification, Final Draft ENERGY STAR Imaging Equipment Test Method, and Draft 2 ENERGY STAR Professional Imaging Equipment Test Method
With this letter, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is releasing the Final Draft, Version 3.0 ENERGY STAR Imaging Equipment Specification, the Final Draft ENERGY STAR Imaging Equipment Test Method, and the Draft 2 ENERGY STAR Professional Imaging Equipment Test Method. EPA thanks stakeholders for the feedback that they have provided and has taken that feedback into consideration in developing this draft specification. The effective date of this specification is October 11, 2019.

The Final Draft reflects significant engagement with stakeholders and strikes a balance across the criteria that make up this specification. EPA has further refined the professional imaging products definition to better differentiate those products from other types of imaging equipment and has reinstated the Version 2.0 criteria for those products. These are intended to extend the current requirements until the Professional Imaging Equipment test method is available for use and refined eligibility criteria can be added to this specification. Stakeholders also commented on the efficiency criteria more broadly. After further consideration of the data submitted, EPA has eased the levels for non-professional products slightly to allow for greater selection of qualifying products and included a Wi-Fi adder for those products that ship with Wi-Fi enabled. Finally, EPA has incorporated updated elements for DFEs to differentiate those associated with professional products and further clarified the recovery time criteria and testing requirements.

Any remaining comments on this Final Draft, Version 3.0 specification may be submitted to by December 13, 2018. All comments will be posted to the ENERGY STAR Product Development website unless the submitter requests otherwise.

The exchange of ideas and information between EPA, industry, and other interested parties is critical to the success of ENERGY STAR. Specifications and meeting materials will be distributed via email and posted on the ENERGY STAR website. To track EPA’s progress on this specification, please visit the Imaging Equipment Specification Version 3.0 product development webpage.


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