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1. Recall case: United States
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) – Recalls and Product Safety News

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC): November 2018

2. Recall case: Canada
  Health Canada – Consumer Product Recalls

Health Canada: November 2018

 3.  Update – KDB Update about FHSS/DSS and DA 00-705 & ANSI C63.10
One of our members has request that we share part of the KDB they submitted requesting clarification on the use of duty factor to determine the average value of emissions from FHSS devices approved under 15.247.  (the response below updates the inquiry response distributed to TCBC members on October 5, 2018)

Inquiry on 11/02/2018:

The updated KDB 558074 D01 v05 now provides guidance for both DTS and DSS (FHSS) devices.  Based on a follow up KDB shared through the TCBC OET confirmed that the old guidance for FHSS devices, DA-00-705, should no longer be used. This has caused some confusion as Q&A #3 of KDB 558074 is in the context of DTS, not DSS with respect to allowing a duty cycle correction factor to be applied.

We would request that the use of DA-00705 be allowed for some period of time while the rationale for the change is discussed, labs and manufacturers can implement procedures and design changes to match the new KDB (if necessary) and ANSI C63.10 can ensure the next version of standard fully addresses this.  Note that the draft edition 3 version of ANSI C63.10 had noted the absence of guidance for this and had proposed verbiage that followed DA-00705.

FCC response on 11/07/2018

In the interim period, we will allow the test labs to continue to use the procedures specified in the DA 00-705.  If a device is approved using such correction factor(s), we will consider it compliant under our current procedures.  If we decide that we should discontinue this procedure, we will plan to provide a transition period.


4. Standards updated-United States
UL 82:2017, Standard for Electric Gardening Appliances (Revised Oct 26, 2018)
UL 1974:2018, Standard for Evaluation for Repurposing Batteries


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