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Recall case: United States

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) – Recalls and Product Safety News

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC): November 2018


Recall case: Canada

Health Canada – Consumer Product Recalls

Health Canada: November 2018


Standard updated

Final Legislation
Canada – Energy Efficiency Act – Regulations Amending the Energy Efficiency Regulations, 2016: SOR/2018-
This amendment to the Energy Efficiency Regulations, 2016, introduces minimum energy performance standards,
labelling and reporting requirements for six new product categories; introduces more stringent minimum energy
performance for 11 currently regulated product categories; makes minor changes to existing standards, test
procedures or reporting requirements for currently regulated product categories; and provides flexibility for testing
requirements and removes import reporting requirements for certain product categories.
Canada Gazette: Part II, Volume 152, Number 22, 10 October 2018


Welcome to October issue of Bureau Veritas Global E.A.W. eNewsletter for the Electrical & Electronics, Automotive and Wireless/Smartworld industry. This month we have a special focus on connected cars with yet another first for Bureau Veritas in the V2X space as well as our leading role in UWB testing.



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